According to a new report published by IndexBox, the revenue for Africa's wheat market amounted to $15.5bn in 2017, rising by 11% against the previous year. This figure reflects the total revenues of producers and importers (excluding logistics costs, retail marketing costs, and retailers' margins, which will be included in the final consumer price).

small airplane soaring 2,000 feet above the ground on Monday released a steady stream of Mediterranean fruit flies, all of them male, into the air above Florida’s affluent Palm Beach County. The population would technically be considered invasive in the wild, but officials prefer to call them “sterile” because these particular flies can no longer do the damage an invasive species can. The mission of those flies? Mate with the local females.

A sudden drop in the price of tobacco could not have come at a worse time for Zimbabwe. Halfway through the selling season, the price is about 37% lower than last year — at a time when, on its current trajectory, inflation could hit 100% by year-end.



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