Over 45 countries renewed their commitment to globally eradicate, by 2030, peste des petits ruminants (PPR), a highly contagious and devastating disease responsible for the death of millions of sheep and goats each year. At the same time, countries urged resource partners and the development community to contribute in bridging the PPR Global Eradication Programme’s $340 million funding gap.

A dairy industry leader says while there’s been an uptick in the number of dairy farms that have closed, milk production is not declining as much as is needed.

“Up till now it would appear that those cows are just going on other farms.”

Dairy Farmers of America regional manager Chuck Courtade tells Brownfield farms large and small have been leaving the business and it’s added pressure to the milk hauling system.  “If you have a remote area where there aren’t a lot of dairy farms already and two or three decide to sell out, it puts a real challenge on getting haulers there and there’s already a driver shortage.”

Michigan Milk Producers Association president Ken Nobis tells Brownfield three years of low prices has been depressing for farmers and some are cutting their losses.  “You are starting to see more of them making that decision that enough is enough.”

Over the last 10 months, MMPA has lost more than 120 farms and MMPA board member Hank Choate tells Brownfield a large portion of them have been Amish members.  “That’s more than 10 percent of our membership on an annual basis because that still has the months of August and September on farms going out.”

At least nine percent of Michigan dairy farms in the state have closed since last September.  The Michigan Department of Agriculture tells Brownfield there are currently 1,331 Grade A dairy farms operating in the state, down 20 percent from four years ago. Brownfield.

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