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Massey Ferguson hay and forage range extended and strengthened with new balers and wrappers

MF hay and forage machines perfectly represent the quality, reliability, superior design and engineering expertise for which Massey Ferguson is renowned, ideal for the business-oriented farmer who need the productivity and efficiency offered by the MF range.

Francesco Quaranta, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Massey Ferguson, EME comments: “We are striving for perfection in every step of the design and manufacturing process of our products. As a result of our continuous development we proudly introduce a new range of MF round balers, baler/wrapper combinations and trailed wrappers, packed with new features and innovations.”

“Enhancing our forage range to precisely meet the needs of farmers and contractors is our goal, offering solutions to suit their end use or market requirements, their crops, and their terrain, and this is clearly demonstrated in these new machines.”

“With this new introduction and development, we underline our promise of providing our customers and dealers with a full line offer.”

The MF RB 3130F features a sleek new appearance, with redesigned side panels enhancing ergonomics and numerous improvements under the covers to improve performance and bale quality. Additional versatility to produce chopped forage for easier feeding and enhanced feed quality is offered by the MF RB 3130F Xtracut.

MF RB 3130F balers use a camless pick-up for high speed feeding with low maintenance requirement. The pick-up system has five tine bars with each one being spaced just 64mm apart, providing higher capacity and a smoother even feed at high speed.

The pick-up is positioned very close to the rotor, improving crop flow and reducing the risk of blockage.

Two large capacity 25cm diameter feeding augers direct crop to the centre to create the best bale shape.

The 18 Special Powergrip rollers in the fixed chamber design ensure constant grip for best bale shape and appearance, now enhanced by mechanical tail gate locks with pressure sensors on both sides to help maintain bale shape. Left-right indication allows the operator to monitor the outer layers of bale via the in-cab screen.

The improved chamber has a spiral-type design with slightly reduced diameter at the front thus improving feeding and bale rotation, increasing density and net grip when wrapping.

Roller support bearings in the bale chamber feature new scrapers, efficiently removing debris and moisture from the roller bearings and keeping the outside panels clean.

Designed for optimum performance, Xtracut models can be equipped with 13, 17 or 25 knives. Cutter units are fitted with the longest knives on the market, ensuring that no material will pass through uncut.

Xtracut 17 and 25 versions feature two sets of hydraulically operated knife banks controlled from the cab, allowing the operator to choose a single knife bank, both knife banks or the disengagement of all knives for ultimate flexibility.

Hydroflexcontrol offers a two-stage protection system against crop blockages, using automatic mechanical floor cushioning to clear minor blockages or hydraulically controlled floor lowering to clear major obstructions.

Perfect wrapping is provided by the Varionet system. The tried and tested Varionet net wrapping system features a special net tensioning and spreading device that is capable of dealing with various widths and types of net allowing for fast wrapping of bales from edge to edge or over the edge.

MF RB 3130F and MF RB 3130F Xtracut models replace the MF RB 1125F & MF RB 2125F/ FPR and will feature similar modular design, sharing many components with other models, thus improving production and assembly, increasing reliability and simplifying aftersales support. New Tractors - Source




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