Though the intricacies of terroir in wine are still up for discussion, some things are extremely self-evident. If you squeeze a grape, juice comes out: Clearly, that water was sucked from the earth the vines grow in and ends up as your wine. But with whiskey, the idea of terroir is a bit more ethereal. Yeah, go try to squeeze some barley. However, a distillery in Ireland not only believes that terroir in whiskey exists, they’re also out to prove it.

Hope for global conservation is what we wish to evoke in our readers with some of the more upbeat environmental stories from the past year that we have pieced together from around the world in this list. These include some of your favorite happy stories, from the expansion of protected areas for wildlife, cancelled reclamation projects that posed coastal ecosystem threats, to the impactful role of indigenous communities in conservation.

At any science fair, you're almost guaranteed to see at least two go-to experiments: the clichéd papier-mâché volcano and the ever-popular pickle or potato battery. Many people may think it's amazing that a simple piece of produce can conduct electricity. As it turns out, that's not the whole story.




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