Cumulus Report: 1st May 2019- South Africa-

This system is expected to move eastwards across the southern parts of the country, with a ridging high behind it advecting cool to cold air over the southern parts. Ahead of the cooler weather to the south, an off-shore flow will result in hot conditions over the extreme eastern and northeastern parts (Lowveld, northern KZN) on Friday (3rd).

The ridging action in the south will also bring some rain along the southern to eastern coastal belt and adjacent interior during the weekend, while strong south easterlies may develop in the southwest. Another ridging high will result in further cloudy and rainy conditions along the southern to eastern coasts while upper-air instability may result in some thundershowers over the south eastern interior by Monday (6th).

Conditions in main agricultural production regions (30 April - 6 May)

Maize production region: Sunny and mild to warm conditions will prevail with little to no indication of frost. The eastern production area should be mild, with temperatures slightly above the mean. Here (in the east) maximum temperatures are expected to range between 18 and 25°C while minimums will be in the order of 6 - 11°C. Cloudy and cool conditions are possible over the far eastern parts on the 5th\, with fog patches or light showers in isolated areas.

The western production region is expected to be somewhat warmer, with average temperatures more strongly above the long-term mean. Over the western parts, maximum temperatures will range between 22 and 29°C while minimums will be in the order of 7 - 15°C. The wind should be northerly to northwesterly for the most part, becoming fresh at times in the west.

Cape Wine Lands and Ruens: This region will be mild to cool with some rain at times, but totals should remain below normal. Maximum temperatures are expected to be in the high teens to lower twenties throughout. A frontal system may bring light showers to the southern parts on Tuesday (30th). A stronger frontal system will result in strong westerly to north-westerly winds on Thursday (2nd), with some rain showers over most areas - falls should however be light for the most part. The wind will become fresh to strong southerly to south-easterly in the southwest during the weekend. Further light showers are possible over the southern parts (mainly Garden Route) by Monday (6th).




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