Agricultural / Mining Land 600Ha- Zambia - FOR SALE

• Title Number : LN – 1002662 / 1 / 4

• Location : The Property is located at 13 Kilometers for Mpatamatu in Luanshya close to well farm Shoprite).
• Location Advantage :
(i) Prime Location
(ii) 30 Mins. Drive to Town Centre Luanshya.
(iii) 50 mins Drive to New Ndola International Airport.
(iv)50 Mins Drive to Kitwe Town Centre.
(v) Kafubu River after 500 mtrs.
• Land Area and Fencing : A very large agricultural or Mining piece of land measuring about 600 hectares (approximately 1500 acres) Frontage of land. The property is a large piece of land which is not enclosed to any boundary by any fencing and is not yet developed with any building or Improvements.
• Land use classification : Zoned for “Agricultural” or “Mining” Use
• Land Lease Charges : Commonly referred to as ground rent (Which is calculated based on the land area and extent of the property is supposed to be payable at the Ministry of Land. For purposes of payment of rent the year end is 31 st December and for the period (ending 31 st December 2017), Rent due and Paid.
• Title and Ownership :
• Services :
(i) Essential services are available in the area but not yet connected.
(ii) As the properties are vacant pieces of land not developed.
• Nature of Business Trend in that Area : Maize Farming, Mining & Ranching.
• Purpose : The land was intended to start a Ranching Project in the 600 hectares of the land. As meat is one of the
main foods for Zambians. And the meat is one of the top three commodities in demand wise, the management of the
land owner realized its importance.
• Industries Overview : Zambia with Population of approx. 17 Million with staple food being Meat and Maize.
• Industries Overview :
The Livestock Industries is one of the key sectors which has huge potential to Contribute towards Zambia’s wealth creation and economic development. Under current income and human population growth estimates , Zambia’s Ministry project's that demand per Annam for meat will increase from 153,000 metric tons in year 2017 to over 600,000 metric tons by 2027. Zambia has following major manufactures for the livestock industry namely Zambeef, More Beef, Real Meat, Best Beef, Luscold, Kachema. Other key small players include Starbeef, Quick Save, Dawyo, Meat Rite, Monze, Nasala etc. In terms of estimated market share ambeef is the Market leader Commanding 20%, More Beef 16%, Real
Meat 10%, Best Beef 8%, Luscold 8%, Kachema 7% with remaining 31% shared by Starbeef, Quick Save, Dawyo, Meat Rite, Monze, Nasala and others. There are three main channels follow from the farm level in majority until it reaches the retail market. The first market channel is through trading operation. The Second channel operates in commercial farm areas, where commercial feedlots acquire weaned livestock from smallholders to fatten, and the third channel is direct producer sales to abattoirs. Best for cattle ranching
Asking Price USD1 000 000 (One million United States dollars)




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