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Welcome to the ALL NEWS  Agriportal/Farmingportal  your gateway to Agri in Africa and AGRI NEWS NET;   8/7/2019

The Farming lifestyle of Farmers in Africa. 

We created a friendly Farming environment for farmers and everybody that is interesting in Farming and Agriculture to get all the latest "good News' and market your company in a Professional way. 

No irritating Pop Ups- Google ads and content that is not browsing friendly. No "likes" -"commentary" and all these distracting unwanted browsers

We build relationships that last for ever, 18 years  and we lead by example. 

Farmers and companies become part of Agriportal because they need to keep in touch with new technology and require information immediately. 

Agriportal/ Farmingportal will redirect you to the real people in agriculture - the farmers of South Africa, Africa and the world. These Farmers are producing Food for the nation.

Farmers  today are no longer waiting for information to come to them, they use the Internet/Apps and mostly farmingportals such as to get information immediately.

90% of all farmers are using the Internet to get information immediately. 

Farmingportal/ Agriportal recorded 451,209 page impressions in June 2019-  

AGRIPORTAL/ FARMINGPORTAL/ AGRI NEWS NET is updated 24/7 from Sunday to Saturday every day including all the holiday's of the year. 

30 new stories a day been posted on AGRI NEWS NET every day.

AGRI NEWS NET- FARMINGPORTAL.CO. ZA - out worldwide medium will give you the world in your hand.

24 hours a day- you visible.

AGRI NEWS NET- and its all FREE- 


Professional and always on time- 

No unexpected Google ads.  

With 25 years of real farming experience - we know what farming is all about.

When visitors need to pay for a internet site to read articles they will go away and will not visit the site anymore- so if you are a advertiser on the site- you will loose exposure- News you can Trust - 

........and a ALL NEW  medium coming up soon.
Don't need to wait for Radio or TV programs to get informed.
E MEDIA is here-  Keep you eyes open for a brand new  Professional way of adding value to your company.

What about the mediums. 

Television-  With the new Decoders people can record their favorite program and watch it on their favorite time, giving them the option to skip the endless ADS that interrupt the program. No stats on Viewers are exact. Expensive to advertise and to create video and soundtracks. 

Voice artist and soundtrack costs.  You can see it all on our site.

Radio- People are listing to radio in their cars and or "bakkies" and cannot react immediately on any ads. They will easy turn away if the programs is boring and too much talk. Listeners cannot me measured - . Presenters music and listeners ad value to the ads. Expensive to pay voice artist, music rights,and studio costs. Need to be creative. Time of ad is very important. Not much good quality radio presenters and too much talk.

Magazines- Very expensive to buy,too much advertising, and mostly browsing through. Lots of Farming magazines for Free and most of them sharing the same stories that is more than 7 days old. Expensive to advertise. Most of the Magazine will have a lifespan of 2 days. Most of these magazine's claim that 6 people and more are reading the magazine. 

Facebook-The same people, not a targeted audience. Most of them are browsers and not buyers. Most of them looking for bargains. Measured easily but not the right profile. Mostly personal stuff and very unprofessional. People are no longer interested in Facebook. Unprofessional way of marketing a Professional company. 

Twitter-  The same as Facebook- not a sustainable way of marketing yourself.

Google ads. Adwords- Money spinner.. with millions of people in the same category and words. 
Browsers can almost empty your deposit in a few hours. Its all over the internet and it is becoming irritated. Lots of agencies around to collect commission. Its like shooting in the dark and your name could be part of a site you did not even want to visit.

Our News team work 7 days a week- 

Commercial Webportals.

24 hours available through out the world. Target market- Measured and stats almost on demand. Updated every day- Breaking news- In the hand on the smartphone. Direct to contact details and website. Video and sound on demand. Affordable advertising rates. No expensive creatives. All mediums in one.

All our News on AGRI NEWS NET been used by 6 Radio stations in South Africa, 1 in Zambia and 1 in Namibia. Being part of our own Media plan.


4125  visitors per day- and 451,209 page impressions for June 2019

South Africa- 62%- Rest Africa and the world.

38% Afrikaans  62% English


"Zinchem is sold out for agricultural products in 2018. There is an application to increase the capacity of zinc sulphate at Zinchem. I would like to believe that and AGR NEWS NET played a role in Zinchem selling out the production for2017 & 2018.  Marketing Manager Zinchem".

SASOL South Africa-  2019-Marketing and Advertising Manager-  "We get excellent results on Farmingportal  on our Advertorials and new clients"

We constantly add value to the site and visitors are truly interested in agriculture.

Our NO PAPER approach is environmentally friendly and our contribution to conserving our planet.

Our NEWS is Good NEWS, Non Political and not part of any organization. Privately owned with no RED tape.

We know what farming is all about- No corporate connections. 

Africa’s Internet advertising market is growing at twice the global rate, 22.7% in the next 5 years . 32% of Farmers like to attend a Farmers day to obtain information about Agri and something new while 41% prefer the commercial Agri Web portals on the Internet. 

This mobile growth is fueled by increased mobile internet access, declining broadband prices and faster broadband. 

Likewise the creative formats and tech innovations available to advertisers are improving exponentially, offering a myriad of ways for brand to connect with and impress  consumers. 82% would notice or click on an ad if it’s relevant to them and is something they need or want. 62% would notice or click on an ad if it demonstrated how to do something and, most importantly in the premium publishing and content environment, 73% would notice advertising effectiveness if the ad appeared on a website they trust and believe is safe. The ability for brands to be useful and relevant in consumer’s lives creates an opportunity to increase brand loyalty.

Before considering making use of ONLINE Marketing make sure the relevant medium is updated everyday of the week Monday to Sunday.

It's no use putting your banner on a Website that do not have content that is Fresh and updated everyday. Most of these sites will be updated once a day and your banner ad is not part of the marketing of the medium. All of them in the corporate market, and only updating in the week, and if they do it over weekend its old news. 

We always strive to get inline with the following that users want and our rating is over 76% 

Trust ; Content, Owners of the site. 

Relevance; Information that the visitor want to know

Promotion; Something to win or to take part off

Creative;  Something new, Something different

Useful. The articles and information for Agri. 

No use in telling how many visitors, but what kind of visitors. 

Our Visitors are MEGA FARMERS PROFESSIONAL in the Farming practices and SMALL SCALE FARMERS from all over South Africa and Africa.

The average turnover of our farmers per year is between R10 end R60 million per year for the Mega Farmers and between R1 and R10 million for Small SCALE FARMERS.

Most of then can be classified as LMS 10 to LMS12.

Our Unique visitors are Mega farmers , Commercial farmers and small scale farmers,  from South Africa and allover Africa. 

Agriculture companies, Organizations and people interested in Agriculture are also part of our Unique visitors per month.

CRA MEDIA is committed to presenting content that is scientifically sound, allowing farmers to farm more profitably and professionally. Our content offer advertisers unbeatable value for money and a variety of platforms for maximum exposure.

That’s why we call AGRI AFRICA your Agriculture E-Environment.

No medium gives you as much cover of the world.

Our NEWS is positive and future orientated.

Our visitors are young and vibrant farmers, farming with technology producing Food for their Country.

We focus on farming and not on politics.


This is our strategy

Success with social media and content marketing requires more listening and less talking.  We read our target audience’s online content and join discussions to learn what’s important to them. Only then can we create content and spark conversations that add value rather than clutter to their lives.

It’s better to specialize than to be a jack-of-all-trades. A highly-focused social media and content marketing strategy intended to build a strong brand has a better chance for success than a broad strategy that attempts to be all things to all people.

Quality trumps quantity. It’s better to have 1,000 online connections who read, share and talk about your content with their own audiences than 10,000 connections who disappear after connecting with you the first time. We have the audience 

Social media and content marketing success doesn’t happen overnight. While it’s possible to catch lightning in a bottle, it’s far more likely that you’ll need to commit to the long haul to achieve results. 15 years of online and social media brought us here.

We are available to our audience. That means we need to consistently publish content and participate in conversations. Followers online can be fickle and they won’t hesitate to replace you if you disappear for weeks or months. Our content is updated 7 days a week.

Building relationships is one of the most important parts of social media marketing success, so we always acknowledge every person who reaches out to us. Research from Australia indicates that 42% of the workforce in 2020 will be made up of the Generation Y’s (born in the 80s to 90s) and only 16% of them will choose to live in non-urban areas where we practice agriculture.


Some of our advertisers:

John Deere, New Holland, Northmech, Sidi Parani, Standard Bank, ABSA, Nedbank, Senter360, Mutual Federal, Tshwane Fresh Produce Market, Du Pont, Dicla Farming, Kongskilde, Zinchem, Vodacom, Kanhym, Afrivet,  Sakata Mayford, Landbank, Massey Ferguson, Claas, Stark Ayres, , FNB, Wesbank, Monsanto, Mahindra,Checkers Shoprite, Firestone,Advance Seeds,Eskom, Arysta, Santam Agri, Lindsay Africa, Kynoch, BHP,Arysta Lifescience, Santam Agri. Case ,Fresh Market,SA Bonsmara, OBP. Mahindra powertools, Hollard.Donaldson Sasol, Yara, Villa Crop,RMB. 

Independent with 30 years of real farming experience we know what farming is all about. Our team is farmers- with real practical Farming experience.  No medium in Farming and Agriculture give you so much value for your money.  

No corporate red tape, and hours of meetings and long weekends and Friday afternoon chit chat in restaurants or on the Golf Coarse.

Your ad on Farmingportal is visible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and can be linked to your own website.

Become part of the NEW giant Agriculture media in Africa. We will introduce you to the world of Agriculture.

Browse through our site and see for yourself.

Feel free to contact us should you wish to have a meeting setup in order to present our marketing offering to you directly. 

We will accommodate you with rates that are suitable to your individual needs.

If you deal with us , your deal directly with the people who make the decisions the manager and the owners. We know what farming is all about because we are part of it. 

We will sent you a Price -list once we contact you. 

Contact us at  +27 82 554 2419  or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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