Hollard Agri: Certainty in a sector that is seen as uncertain

Why should a broker write business in a sector that has been making headlines for reasons ranging from murder to land grabs, expropriation without compensation, drought and large fires to name but a few!

One could also question why an insurer would venture into this terrain which is perceived to be so dangerous?

Andries Wiese, Head of Agriculture at Hollard emphasises: “Given the nature of the agricultural market, the immense changes and challenges experienced in this sector at a technological, political, legislative and social level it has become imperative for a farmer to get proper professional advice from a broker with a real understanding of the sector and the challenges contained therein.

In addressing these challenges Hollard has embarked on a journey to reinvent Agricultural Insurance. This new product was launched to our broker partners towards the end of last year as part of our commitment to brokers and their responsibility towards our common clients. This product combines personal, commercial and agri-specific covers with state of the art new generation solutions reflecting the challenges the modern-day farmer and businessman face. Simplifying complex solutions that have traditionally flummoxed clients and brokers alike combined with the luxury of choice serve to bring an imperative to any broker who purports to deliver solutions to the Agricultural market. “

Nash Omar, Hollard Insure’s managing director for sales and distribution, said the local-is-lekker approach “does set us apart from our competitors”. But it has become more focused through making Hollard’s 18 regional offices and sales offices more efficient and giving them a full mandate “over each aspect of our business”.

For a farmer this emphasis is very important as it enables him to not only have a relationship with his or her intermediary but also understand his insurer to be part of his (local)world with a full mandate and an active participant in ensuring a better future for all: truly a win-win-win situation!

So, why should a broker be writing business in this sector? Farmers not only provide food security to every South African but have also proven themselves to be employers and supporters of local economies by virtue of their expenditure and social involvement. These are prudent businessmen facing real world risks that the insurance industry is perfectly positioned to mitigate against. Hollard already does this with its current product offering. Going forward and, after the launch of the new agricultural product, Hollard will be taking the lead by offering a solution that enables both brokers and clients to take control of their own risk management practises and thereby protect and enable a better future for all.

More than ever, farmers are under pressure to remain sustainable and profitable. But they have powerful – and vocal – champions: Hollard and our broking partners.

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