Potential for higher profit by using ammonium nitrate



Potential for higher profit by using ammonium nitrate. 

Use LAN for lower risk of nitrogen losses and nitrogen toxicities under extreme weather conditions and specific cultivation practices in comparison with urea and urea + NBPT.

Normal efficacy differences between ammonium nitrate-based products and urea-based products are mainly ascribed to differences in rate of uptake, toxicity, leaching, volatilisation and acidification.

Under extreme weather conditions associated with El Nino of La Nina, very cold or very warm conditions, differences between nitrogen sources with respect to the rate of uptake, leaching, volatilisation and toxicity are augmented. High soil pH and an abundance of plant residues will increase volatilisation while high nitrogen applications will increase both toxicity and volatilisation also augmenting the differences in yield between nitrogen sources.

Apart from normal efficacy differences and associated yield differences as discussed in Video 1 the possibility of much larger efficacy differences associated with much larger yield differences due to extreme weather conditions and specific cultivation practises are demonstrated in this video.

The addition of a urease inhibitor such as NBPT to urea can reduce volatilisation and toxicity effectively, resulting in yield increases but in contrast the addition of NBPT to urea can also delay the uptake and enhance the leaching of urea resulting in yield decreases. Urea + NBPT is more expensive than urea and for this reason the possibility of no response or a negative yield response to urea + NBPT compared to urea can be very risky under certain conditions.

The key message: Apart from profit differences between nitrogen sources under normal conditions also consider risk differences under extreme weather conditions and certain cultivation practices.

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