The wait for El Niño is on. Most computer forecast models continue to suggest an El Niño event will begin evolving in September and it may be a significant event for a few months during the heart of the Northern Hemisphere winter. This year already has been an interesting year for crop weather with drought still lingering in Europe, and dryness from eastern Ukraine into Russia’s Volga River Basin and in Canada’s Prairies.

Donald Trump’s twitter feed is the gift that keeps on giving. His remarks on South Africa’s land politics provided a foil for his detractors: his contentions are erroneous, his actions are reckless (if not downright racist), and he is in any event ignorant of the context and trajectory of South Africa’s land reform endeavours.

Coherence-Based Self-Regulation

There is no getting away from the stresses of modern life: the fast pace, the connectivity that brings us closer together yet simultaneously farther apart, the ease of access to health foods and bad news at the same time, the environmental toxins and air pollution, the growing financial demands, and the current unhealthy standards of nutrition and fad diets. All of these variables have a toll on the heart brain system.