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Argentine soybean breeding company opens its South African branch

One of the largest soybean breeding companies in Argentina, Santa Rosa Semillas, will launch its affiliate in South Africa, next March. The African landing of the breeding company based in the Santa Fe Province occurred after its management participated at the Soybean Summit carried out in Durban, in 2013.

In that occasion, they met one of the most relevant figures in the agricultural scene in the African country, Dr. Derick van Staden and its Agri-Seed and Technology organization. The Argentines found that there was a huge potential for the soybean production in South Africa and sent the first containers with soybean seed. “Basically it was varieties of maturity groups from IV large to VI middle”, General Manager Rinaldo Gosparini told to www.eFarmNewsAr.

“Our varieties had an excellent reception by South African farmers, and then we mounted an experimental field in the country. Currently, we have 130 hectares of soybean testing and reached 8% of market share”, Gosparini added.

Next March 6th, the management of Santa Rosa Semillas will land in Johannesburg to participate in the field day dedicated to the soybean crop in Delmas, Mpumalanga, where the local seed breeding company will share cartel with largest global technology companies, like Syngenta, BASF, Pioneer, and Bayer, along South African companies like Agri-Seed and Technology, Nulandis and Molcast, between others.

“We believe that South African farmers can enhance its soybean production introducing new technologies, and we want to share this developing supplying the better germplasm”, Mr. Gosparini stressed.



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