Agri SA and Aerobotics announced a partnership- South Africa

Agri SA and Aerobotics announced a partnership to provide South African farmers with access to free satellite farming data and the latest Aeroview In-Field Scouting Application.

The partnership aims to accelerate access to analytical information at scale to assist farmers in the early identification of pest and disease and improvement of yield.

'The partnership is a great example of the potential that can be unlocked when bringing key players in the agricultural value-chain together,' says Omri van Zyl, executive head at Agri SA. 'This is a win-win for everyone. We know that South African farmers are early-adopters when it comes to new technology. We're confident that Aeroview can be used to their immediate benefit.'

Aerobotics, a member of the Agri SA corporate chamber, is a proudly South African company committed to advancing the future of the farming landscape. The advanced satellite data coupled with the latest crop scouting software will be made available to farmers at no cost or any future commitment.

'Being part of a joint venture that serves to strengthen the backbone of an increasing tech-enabled farming culture is an exciting step towards greater production levels,' says James Paterson, Aerobotics' CEO. 'Working together, we can only look forward to seeing how farmers can actively experience the results of a more convenient, time-saving technology to manage harvest expectations.'

Aerobotics encourages farmers to use weekly satellite data provided on their web-based Aeroview together with its In-Field App to identify weaknesses and stop the spread of pest and disease which in turn helps to increase a farmer's yields. The next step is then to get more granular information by purchasing one of Aerobotics' drone packages to get 3cm or less resolution. This can help growers make better-informed decisions. Tree and vine crop farmers are using this high-resolution data to get per-tree analytics, monitor their trees over time and improve their yields. Today, Aerobotics and Agri SA are providing all South African farmers with the first part of the feedback loop for free.

Agri SA members do not require to register for a paid account or commit to the app for a set period. 




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