TLU SA supports Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa’s call to buy South African

TLU SA feels Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa’s call – during his second State of the Nation Address – for South Africans to buy local, could not have come at a better time.

“We are truly excited by the thought of South Africans supporting proudly South African products,” says Mr. Louis Meintjes, President of TLU SA. “Especially South African agricultural products should be supported and consumers should try to avoid dumped products from other countries.

“If we buy South African agricultural products, it would automatically enhance job creation while giving commercial farmers a chance at survival despite dire climatological challenges they face,” he says.

TLU SA has a dream for South Africa, just like Pres. Ramaphosa, to develop the country into an economic giant, based on free market principles and free from historic and ideological prejudice.

“Economy and progress are a vision for the future. Pres. Ramaphosa’s initial reference to 1913-laws, more than a century ago, is looking at the past instead of the future. It could collide with a vision for the future. If all residents should be respected, that should also be applicable to Afrikaners.

“We don’t believe Pres. Ramaphosa was realistic in his vision of two million job opportunities for young people over the next decade. His predecessor’s one million did not even come to light. To reach that goal, he should move away from race-based economic empowerment, and adjust unfriendly labour laws.

“Pres. Ramaphosa’s State of the Nation, despite not offering anything new, did offer a bit more enthusiasm than his predecessor. But, words have to become deeds, and up to now the ANC-government gave more words than deeds. This government have to show how they are going to be different,” says Meintjes.

We are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, but we still have a lot of doubt in our minds.

“We have noted how Pres. Ramaphosa yet again missed the opportunity to give his support to farmers and to condemn farm murders.

“We can support his vision for a high technology economy, but then he should distance himself, and government, unconditionally from any form of socialism.

“We are still waiting on that,” says Meintjes.

Uitgereik deur: TLU SA

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