Title Number : 32829 , 32830, 32831

• Location : The properties are located on Ndola - Kitwe Main Road off Maposa Road, in Luanshya close to Maposa power station,approximately
31 kilometers from the City’s Commercial Centre of Ndola and other Side
• Location Advantage :
(i) Prime Location (Duel Carriage Road Ndola – Kitwe)
(ii) 30 Mins. Drive to Business Centre Ndola.
(iii) 25 Mins. Drive to New Ndola International Airport.
(iv)35 Mins. Drive to Kitwe Town Centre.
• Land Area and Fencing : The properties constitute 03 nos adjoining land parcels which are adjacent to each other’s . A very large agricultural piece of land measuring about 900 hectares (approximately 2249.98 acres) Frontage of land. The property is a vacant land currently not developed with any building. About 30 hectares (74.13 acres) of land has been cleared.
• Land use classification : Zoned for “Commercial” , “Farming” and “Residential” Use
• Land Lease Charges : Commonly referred to as ground rent (Which is calculated based on the land area and extent of the property is supposed
to be payable at the Ministry of Land. For purposes of payment of rent the year end is 31 st December and for the period (ending 31 st
December 2017), Rent due and Paid.
900 Ha
• Title and Ownership : The Title to each property is a State Lease for a period of ninety nine (99) years Farm # 32830 and Farm # 32831 from 1 st August 2016 and Farm #32829 from 1 st September 2016. The property are all vested in land owner.
• Services :
(i) Essential services are available in the area but not yet connected.
(ii) As the properties are vacant pieces of land not developed.
• Intended Purpose of the Land : was planning to use the land of the 900 hectares for the for growing of Chillie and its processing into Oleoresin.
Oleoresins are a naturally occurring combination of Oil and Resin that can be extracted from plants. They are highly concentrated substance
that exits in liquid form.
The extraction process begins with raw spices that are cleaned and ground, then the spices’ oils are distilled using an organic solvent.
Different plants require different methods of extraction, common ways to extract are through water (steam distillation), oil and alcohol, and each
can vary in the level of concentration they produce. The content can be controlled and fine tuned through the use of various solvents and
• Intended Purpose of the Land :
For final use, these products are typically dispersed in a dry neutral carrier or liquid such as vegetable oil to the desired strength. They have many application:
Sl. No Application
1 As a coloring agent in butter, cheese, meats, snack foods and cereals.
2 In Jellies, Jam and Gelatin preparations.
3 In Poultry feed to enhance the color of eggs and poultry.
4 In frozen Foods, desserts, Soups, Fish preserved in Oil, Meat Sauces
or any prepared food where a more vibrant color is desired.
5 In the preparation of some medicines
6 In Soaps, Candle making and Hair Lotions.

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Asking Price USD2 500 000
(Two million Five hundred thousand united states dollars) negotiable

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