• US crop progress data has shown stable quality conditions for both staple crops corn and soybean, but both harvests' progress remains behind expectations on bad weather, data from the USDA has shown late Monday.

  • Cotton is mostly grown in monoculture and is a very pesticide-intensive crop. Although it is only grown on 2.5% of the world’s agricultural land, it consumes 16% of all the insecticides and 6,8% of all herbicides used worldwide.

  • Cotton is used in a variety of ways, but the protein-heavy plant has never been safe to eat. That's because it contains the chemical gossypol, which protects cotton from insects but is toxic to humans. According to Scientific World Journal, gossypol lowers people's blood potassium and can cause weakness, respiratory issues, and paralysis.

  • This year farmers dedicated over 90% of soybean, corn and cotton acres to bioengineered seeds. Most were herbicide tolerant (HT), insect resistant (Bt) or a stack of both, according to USDA. 

  • According to the latest cotton estimate production should increase 153% over the previous season. Cotton plantings under irrigation increased by 167% compared to last season. There is renewed interest in cotton, combined with favourable prices.

  • The cotton industry in South Africa has been revived thanks to a R200 million government-funded programme that has unlocked private sector investments and buying power worth hundreds of millions.

  • Even in the advent of massive textile influx from China and second-hand clothes from other countries, cotton farming is still regarded highly in Zimbabwe.

  • Die wêreldverbruik van katoen sal na verwagting met ongeveer 1,5% in 2019/20 toeneem. Die ICAC (International Cotton Advisory Committee) voorspel dat die wêreldverbruik van katoen 'n rekord hoë vlak van 27,3 miljoen ton in 2019/20 sal bereik ondanks handelsonsekerhede, verswakking in globale ekonomiese groei en die verlangsaming in die vraag na katoen.




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