• Since 2011, farmer Sean Stratman has grown kale, cauliflower, broccoli and squash in Carnation, Washington. Then, a few years ago, he added a new crop to his bounty: knowledge, using drones and the intelligent edge to get near-real-time information about issues like soil moisture and pests.

  • It’s easy to get mopey and depressed when you read the papers. Violent crime. Rampant corruption. Failing education. Weakening Rand.

  • Farmers face a dual challenge. How can they produce the food required to feed the world, while protecting the planet at the same time? The solution will rest on finding effective ways to minimize the losses of energy, water and nutrients associated with farming.

  • Suid Afrika se Landbouers het toegang tot vele "gadgets" wat allerhande data kan versamel en op byna enige implement, trekker of masjinerie geinstalleer kan word. Dit is die versameling van data, data wat letterlik elke dag bestudeer moet word om suksesvol te kan boer.

  • AGRICULTURE today is becoming ever more reliant on Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, but a good many also have their eyes trained on the potential vulnerabilities our most vital industry may be exposed to through agritech devices.

  • It’s time for agricultural researchers to take better advantage of the massive amount of data they produce and move into an era of “big science.” Open data—data that are publicly available and have been intentionally prepared for reuse and innovation by others—is the path to the research breakthroughs of the future. But to make that move, agricultural science must change in significant ways.

  • As Canadian farmers leave traditional tasks to smart machines, and focus on strategy and systems, they’ll be better positioned than ever to feed a fast-growing global population. But to do that, they’ll need a wide range of new skills, as well as enhanced old skills, that Canada isn’t developing anywhere near fast enough.

  • As South Africa establishes itself ever more securely in the modern world, so South African farmers must adapt to a set of new challenges. 

  • Mustafa loves good coffee. In his free time, he often browses high-end coffee machines that he cannot currently afford but is saving for.

  • A comment I hear regularly from my customers across the world is: “My data is in the wrong place, I can’t make any sense of it, help, what do I do next?” Another is: “I only start my computer up a couple of times a year and I’ve forgotten how to work the software.”




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