• Farmers and rural communities have a key role in anticipating and responding to the stunning protean nature of the global economy, society and the environment in the 21st Century; indeed, in a similar way to what has always been their pivotal role in moments of fundamental transformation throughout our history -

  • Hou Xueying, a mother from Shanghai, was tired of food safety scares and of a city life disconnected from the land. So she moved her family to the country to learn about sustainable farming.

  • Imagine a farmer who, rather than relying on his gut instincts, lets farm management software apply smart algorithms and a large pool of field data to make the daily decisions on how to work his fields. Instead of sitting on equipment outdoors, he and a handful of associates operate all the equipment for a farm covering thousands of hectares from a control room.

  • By the year 2050, U.S. growers will need to reach an impressive level of food production to help feed a growing world population.

  • The challenge of how we ll feed the exploding world population in the future in a sustainable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way  is seeding an agricultural revolution. Welcome to farming of the future : a hi-tech, capital-intensive system of growing food sustainably and cleanly for the masses.

  • One of our TechAccel associates, Mike Rohlfsen, mentioned in passing the other day that he’s the top consumer at his local Starbucks.




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