• There are growing concerns that the current dry weather conditions in most parts of South Africa could lead to a lower maize harvest in the 2018/19 production season.

  • The new TRIBINE rolled off the assembly floor under its own power and began live testing in a wheat field, just 18 months after the company brought together a world-class group of engineers. “The Future of Harvesting’ is Now”, explained Ben Dillon, the President of Tribine Harvester. “The TRIBINE performs all of the functions of a combine, only better and faster. Incorporating a 1,000-bushel grain bin, the TRIBINE can eliminate the need for a grain cart and tractor running parallel with the combine.”

  • It could be argued that South Africa has only two primary economic industries – agriculture and mining.These are the two sectors that have shed the most jobs in the last 20 years as the economy has evolved towards the secondary and tertiary sectors.

  • Hemp production has been federally legal since the passage of the Agricultural Improvement Act in 2018, though some states are slow to adopt output of the plant that’s used to make fiber, paper, and even food.

  • Innovation rush aims to help farmers, rich and poor, beat climate change,

  • Despite an unusually wet spring followed by an unusually cool June, America’s corn farmers planted even more than they did last year.

  • Compaction is often thought of as a spring problem. 



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