• In an industry with a history of sustainability and ethics, one thing stands out more than anything else: love.

    Soft, luxurious, warm and timeless. It’s difficult to imagine mohair as anything other than a lovely scarf, but the fact is, the true story behind its production is almost as beautiful - and very important to the South African economy.

    Mohair is a fibre derived from the fleece of Angora goats and the industry supports more than 800 South African farms and an estimated 30,000 dependents. Fifty percent of the world’s mohair is produced in SA, under strict guidelines of sustainability that have been in continual development since 2009.
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    It’s all about the goats

    Aside from the numbers, though, it’s all about the goats. These gentle, somewhat charismatic creatures are at the heart of a farming industry that is driven by ethics and expertise. Angora farmers have a deep understanding of their goats that only a farmer who loves his animals can have. They’re a passionate bunch who regard the well-being of their livestock as an abiding commitment that is beyond question.

    Many of South Africa’s Angora farms have been in production for more than a century, with knowledge and skills passed down through generations. As such, mohair production in SA is as much a commercial enterprise as it is a family legacy. Of course, profitability is important, too, and is intrinsically linked to how the goats are treated and cared for.

  • Mohair SA is on a massive drive to try to clean up the tainted image of the industry, following a worldwide outcry over the cruel handling of goats and sheep during shearing by some of the country’s mohair farmers – which has led to more than 300 high-end fashion stores worldwide banning mohair products.

  • ’Its been a year since South African goat farmers came under scrutiny from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Asia. The films PETA released, alleging unethical and cruel practices in the mohair industry, led to hundreds of clothing and home furnishing retailers refusing to use South African angora wool.

  • The breeders of the best mohair clip in the world, Jordi and Gay van Hasselt from Prince Albert turned the world upside down on Thursday (13/ 01/20).




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