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  • Will the 2018/2019 season be the most exciting onion campaign in years? Worldwide, the weather has had a major impact on the harvests. Not only Europe was plagued by heat, the mercury also rose high in California. Other parts of the US recorded a lot of rain, and the news coming from Asia were also not all good. 

  • Onion producers in the Koue Bokkeveld region of the Western Cape are in a favourable position to respond to the shortage of onions in Europe, after adequate rain this past season.

  • South African onion producers get interest from South America and Asia, as Dutch onion shortages are felt worldwide Cape onion harvest starts amid unique marketing season worldwide Dutch onion traders have been visiting South Africa, some of whom haven’t imported South African onions for many years.

  • Where are the onions? This is the question that many onion traders around the world have been asking. As a result of the dry, hot summer in Europe, the harvest in the north of the continent is much smaller. In the US, the rain in the late summer had a similar effect on the harvest figures.

  • Without the aid of food processing, we would not have the convenience of the large variety of food products available in supermarkets and other food outlets.

  • It was expected that prices would increase for month end, this proved true for tomatoes (6.3% price increase w/w), onions (0.9% increase
    w/w) and cabbage (1.5% increase w/w) whilst w/w price declines were experienced by potatoes (3.2%) and carrots (3.3%).

  • AGRI Trends- for the week of June 2019 

  • More onions, larger sizes, better quality. After the dramatic 2018 season in Europe and the almost empty market in 2019, this year's yields are again average.



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