• After the good weather conditions in the spring in Europe, the WAPA estimated the pear harvest at 2.3 million tons. After the long hot summer, those figures have been adjusted slightly downwards. In the US, a good harvest is expected and Australia also wants to showcase its qualities to the world market.

  • The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has forecast increases in South African production of apples, pears and table grapes in 2018-19, thanks in part to greater water availability.

  • The weather’s cool and there’s even been some welcome and, in places, heavy rain in the southwestern Cape, just as the pear harvest is picking up steam.

  • With pear supplies waning on the domestic market, importers in North America have turned to the offshore season to maintain supplies for the next few months. While South America gets a lot of the attention, some companies have a consistent supply coming from South Africa. F.P.D. East, based in Montreal, begin their South African pear import season at the end of January and with different varieties, have steady supplies up until the end of August.

  • The Italian pear sector is struggling. Despite the relatively limited volumes available, prices remain low. The sector is experiencing quality problems in both Spain and the Netherlands. In France, consumption is lagging behind, while European pears are selling quickly on the German market.

  • Europe is moving closer to self-sufficiency in pears and one encounters European pears in an increasing array of places, like the Middle East or the Far East, say South African pear traders.

  • The price of pears is currently normal in most European countries, but it is expected to rise in a few weeks.

  • The pear season has just started or is about to start in the southern hemisphere.




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