• Cape Town based aerial-data analytics startup Aerobotics has launched five new innovative precision agriculture products that aim to help fruit and wine farmers to detect pests and diseases.

  • Agtech is a broad category ranging from farm-level analytics to genetics and biochemistry to food processing. This article focuses exclusively on farm-level analytics — which includes aerial and satellite imagery, farm-level profit optimization, field-level production optimization, and sensing — and for the most part has focused on improving machinery, input decisions, and economic decision-making. 

  • Extreme climate conditions, prolonged drought, weather anomalies and endangered species are just a few of the aspects to consider when talking about sustainable water supplies. Could precision agriculture be the answer?

  • Marcus Hall was nine years old when he first drove a tractor on his family's sprawling Iowa farm, eschewing Tonka trucks and Matchbox cars for long rides on heavy machinery.

  • The EU is asking all European farmers to take part in a survey to get a better view on the use of precision agriculture technologies in European agriculture. Is technology the way to improve farming?

  • The report says it “can be considered an interdisciplinary science leading to breakthroughs and incremental technology advances to improve agricultural productivity, efficiency, and/or sustainability.”

  • As demand for food grows, we need to ensure the way we produce it remains as environmentally sound as possible. Farmers can now be guided by technology, to use earth’s resources like land and water in the most efficient way. It can also help them apply vital inputs like crop protection and fertilizer in the right amounts. This is called precision agriculture, and here 10 ways Farming First supporters are putting it to good use.




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