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  • Graansorghum is een van die belangrikste graanprodukte in Suid-Afrika, saam met mielies, koring, sonneblomme en sojabone. Dit is in Amerika op twee na die derde graanproduk en internasionaal is dit op vier na die belangrikste. Met 'n baie onsekere jaar wat voorle- hoekom nie Sorghum nie. 

  • SORGhUM has a lot going for it. It’s climate-smart, highly nutritious and we already know how to grow it.

  • Sorghum, an ancient cereal grain that's a staple crop in India and throughout Africa, has long been considered a safe grain alternative for people with celiac disease and gluten insensitivity. New molecular evidence confirms that sorghum is completely gluten-free, and reports that the grain provides health benefits that make it a worthy addition to any diet.

  • The preliminary area estimate is mainly based on the results of a non-probability survey conducted by the directorate of statistics and economic analysis of the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

  • My first blogpost this year was titled — Can South Africa’s sorghum industry be revived? In it, I highlighted the decline in the production of this crop, with area plantings having reached 28 800 hectares in the 2017/18 production season – the smallest area on record in a dataset starting from 1936/37.

  • The total of 2.3 million maize hectares planted in 2019 is only 0.8% below the area planted with maize in 2018, according to the BFAP Baseline Agricultural Outlook for the period 2019 to 2028.



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