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  • For Pete Zimmerman, a Minnesota farmer, the age of gene-edited foods has arrived. While he couldn’t be happier, the hi-tech soybeans he’s now harvesting are at the crux of a long-running debate about a frankenfood future.

  • The USDA attache in Beijing has slashed its estimate of Chinese imports of soybeans this year 9.5% to 85 million mt – bringing it more in line with Chinese estimates and front-running the Washington DC office's new projection to be published on Thursday.

  • ‘US soya farmers eye new markets’ – that’s the headline of an article in today’s Business Day and also in The Wall Street Journal. It notes that ‘With trade tension cutting deeply into exports, US soybean farmers, industry groups and US government officials are looking for a stronger foothold in the global markets beyond China, including Europe and Southeast Asia.’

  • Oilseeds markets have been dominated by the effects of the U.S. trade war with China as markets react to every hint from either side. Price movements have been mixed as the uncertainty’s impact varies from region to region.

  • The US used to be the top soybean supplier for China, but the trade war has dried up the flow of soybeans from the US to China.
  • It has been nearly two months since the Chinese authorities temporarily suspended South African wool imports because of the foot-and-mouth disease outbreak earlier in the year.




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