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South Africa is among a handful of countries that experience winter rainfall in some areas and summer rainfall in others. The southwestern tip of the country has a Mediterranean climate, with hot dry summers and cool wet winters. This is because mid-latitude cyclones migrate further north during winter, allowing the edge of the cold front arm to sweep across the southern most part of the country.

The Expropriation Bill of 2019 was published in December last year for public comment. People might be surprised to find out that we had an Expropriation Bill in 2008 that was shelved, that there was a lesser known attempt in 2013 and that the 2015 bill that was published, went through four negotiated versions, and was almost passed before it was sent back to the National Assembly due to presumably concerns about public participation on provincial level. 

A point that we South Africans always overlook is that South Africa, like the rest of Africa, is a neocolonial society. We like to think of ourselves, if not as a developed country, at least as very close to being one. To us, Africa is, well, a place north of the Limpopo inhabited by hopelessly poor people overwhelmed by malaria and Ebola and ruled by hugely incompetent and cruel regimes.




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