Our Bodies and food

Our Bodies is not separate from our thoughts. Generally speaking, we tend to think of our bodies and minds as separate systems and believe they function, for the most part, independently. Our emotions affect us physically.

It might be easy to understand that a scary thought gets our heart beating faster, but it can be harder to realize that loneliness, sadness or depression can also affect us physically, and when it comes to more complex emotions or illnesses few of us consider our emotions to have any relevance. Understanding the body-mind relationship won't necessarily cure all our physical difficulties, but by learning the language of symptoms and illness we can discover what is being repressed or ignored in our psyche and emotions, and how this is influencing our well-being.

From this vantage point we can discover that there is an extraordinarily intimate two-way communication going on between our body and mind that affects both our physical state and our mental and emotional health. Self-reflection and meditation are ways that help us deepen this understanding.

Another analogy could be to look at our thoughts as if they were a food…How would your body feel if you fed it junk food all day? Pretty crappy, right? If you are “feeding” yourself negative, critical thought all day, it’s the equivalent of junk food and its unlikely that you will feel happy, energized, fulfilled or at peace. And what develops from that thinking after years and decades of it? Illness and Dis-ease? One of the best ways I know of to slow down your thoughts and to develop a muscle in your mind to catch and stop yourself from running old negative thoughts is to meditate.  You may not even be aware of a pattern you may have of saying critical, negative, weakening things to your self. When you meditate, it brings you awareness of the thoughts that are actually going through your head, and then you have the ability to stop, breathe, and decide if you really want to make that thought manifest in your body.

Our bodies are constantly taking to us and telling us what is going on in the physical, spiritual, emotional, and psychological planes—if only we only take the time to listen.

All 5 systems are equally important
The lymph system works with these four systems by serving as a "garbage collector" to carry metabolic by-products and accumulated cellular waste from tissues to the elimination organs

Each of these systems eliminates about two pounds of material per day in the normal healthy adult.

If any one of these channels become overloaded or clogged and slowed down, there will be an accumulation of toxic material in the body tissues.

If any one of these channels become overloaded or clogged and slowed down, there will be an accumulation of toxic material in the body tissues.

When the elimination channels have too much work to do, they become inefficient, and instead of being carried out of the body, the toxins are forced into the bloodstream and settle into those organs and tissues which have the least resistance to toxic material.

These areas are usually the inherent weaknesses of the body. The body is always generating waste material as a by-product of metabolic processes.

Other waste is derived from food residues, which are of no use to the body, including salt, artificial colourings and preservatives, processing by-products and other additives.

Significant levels of toxins also accumulate in the body tissues as a result of environmental pollution.

Not only from air, water, and chemicals, which are consumed or contacted directly, but also from pesticides and industrial waste, which spread up through the food chain from the air, water and soil to the plants, fishes and animals that end up on our dinner plate.

The build-up of toxins in the body tissues and in the bloodstream is the pathway to lowered vitality and disease.

Intestinal stasis (alimentary toxaemia) in particular, is implicated in a wide range of illnesses including fatigue, headache, asthma, hypertension, degenerative ocular changes, arthritis, degeneration of the muscles, liver, kidneys and spleen and many forms of cancer. 

Each time we think a thought that makes us feel bad in any way, it’s a wasted thought. Not only have we wasted an opportunity to think a positive thought and create a great life for ourselves, we’ve added to the pile of negative thoughts that bring uncomfortable experiences to us. Each thought is precious. We can learn to think in positive affirmations. Yes, it takes a bit of doing to gain control over our thoughts; however, the rewards are tremendous. The past has no power over us. Even problems have no power over us. Our power lies in the thoughts that we choose to think today. Remember, there are endless opportunities for good before us. This is the moment when you’re either enjoying or not enjoying your life. What you’re feeling now is creating your tomorrows. Isn’t that a wonderful thing to know? You are in charge of your life!




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