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Your body requires countless vitamins and minerals to function correctly. Most of these elements come from the food you eat, but if you’re not eating a balanced diet you may be missing out on some of the essential building blocks of life. Iron is a particularly important mineral and is absolutely essential for every system in your body.

For years, experts have recommended low-fat dairy products over the full-fat versions, which are higher in calories and contain more saturated fat. Recent research, however, indicates that full-fat dairy may actually be healthier than its reputation suggests, and that people who eat full-fat dairy are not more likely to develop cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes than people who consume low-fat dairy. They may even be less likely to gain weight.

Vitamin D has had a solid reputation for bone strengthening for many years now. It helps the body use calcium and phosphorous to make the bones and teeth strong. It is a vital nutrient that you’ll find in every multivitamin and many fortified foods. It’s regarded as an essential tool for building dense bones and keeping children and adults strong and healthy.

A couple of years ago, following the whole avocado toast thing, there was a trend of eating the pit (technically a seed). People would dry them out, chop or blend them into a powder, and treat them basically as a supplement, full of fiber and antioxidants. Now, research indicates that the avocado pit has some other impressive properties.




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