Is your morning coffee an espresso or a skinny latte? Is it from a darkly roasted French or Italian blend? If it’s a high quality brew, it’s almost certainly made with beans from the Arabica species (Coffea arabica), which is known for its finer flavours. Examples would be Javan coffees, Ethiopian sidamo, and the expensive Jamaican blue mountain.

Extra virgin olive oil is the backbone of the Mediterranean dietand lauded for its health benefits. But when it comes to cooking with it or drizzling it on our food, is there really a difference between a generic bottle that you can get for $5 and a $39 estate oil made with a single olive variety?

Nuts are a great snack. They are full of protein, fiber, and healthy fat. Nuts also help you stay full and give you energy to get through a long meeting or a difficult workout. They are a great source of nutrients that are difficult to find in other foods. However, nuts are also very calorie dense. If you snack on nuts too much, you will find yourself gaining weight. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat nuts, though. As long as you limit your portions, nuts are a wonderful snack to enjoy.

Even with the wide variety of fruits available today, people are still naturally turning to bananas as a regular part of their diet. This may explain why, according to the Produce Marketing Association, as many as 75 percent of consumers tend to purchase bananas. Luckily, bananas can be enjoyed on their own or baked into a tasty healthy banana bread.




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