Whether it’s smelly feet or stinky armpits, body odor can be really embarrassing, especially when you’re attending an important meeting or special social gathering. More importantly, how you smell can actually reveal a lot about your health. It is natural for your body to have some odors, which can be kept under control using appropriate hygiene practices and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, persistent odor issues may be indicative of an underlying health problem you may not be aware of. Therefore, knowing how you smell can prevent embarrassment and enhance your self-esteem, and could also help you detect a potential health issue. First and foremost, identifying the root cause of your odor is pertinent to successfully dealing with the problem.

Do any, or a number, of these symptoms seem familiar to you: brain fog, brittle nails, dry hair, headache, restless legs, food cravings, problems with your menses, feelings of anxiety, heart palpitations, or constant fatigue? Are you pale in complexion and is the waterline around your eyes light in color? If your answer is yes to a number of these issues, you might need to have yourself checked out for anemia.

JAPANESE GIANT HORNETS, known in their native land as suzumebachi, are behemoths of their kind, some nearly two inches long and reportedly capable of stinging through leather. They often build their nests underground, in forests of cypress and cedar, and there, in autumn, hunters rouse the grown hornets, swatting them into jars of shochu, where they flail and drown.

You get home from work after spending extra hours at the office dealing with back-to-back meetings. You look around the house and there are piles of laundry, dirty footprints from the bottoms of your child’s shoes, and a spouse who looks upset that you’re late again. You feel frustrated, your head is pounding, you’re overly sensitive to noise and light, and overall, your migraine is completely unbearable. 

Sales of avocado oil in various applications across the globe are expected to surpass an estimate of $1,700m. Moreover, the global avocado oil market is projected to expand at a volume CAGR of 6.7% through 2026. 

It’s becoming clear that the idea, “You are what you eat,” is not just a common saying. Research has begun to indicate that the contents of our GI tract, are not only very important, but somewhat controllable. Growing evidence shows that The Plant Based Diet Plan may increase microbiome gut health and decrease the risk for disease. With this budding research, we see that the contents of the GI tract depend upon our current disease state and our weight, and can be linked down the line to Type II diabetes and possibly even cancer.