Sphiwe Machika

From a humble general worker, Sphiwe Machika has risen to broiler team leader in two years.

Machika, who works at the Gauteng-based Rethabiseng Farming Project, was promoted to the position of broiler team leader in December 2012 after she showed remarkable leadership skills.

Having shown great initiative in the short time that she worked there, the 28-year-old has been trusted with the training of newly recruited casual workers. She takes pride in teaching them the ropes and showing them how to work on the farm.

Machika says her achievements have encouraged her to pursue a career in agriculture and she now intends to obtain a diploma in agricultural studies.

She currently counts looking after the irrigation equipment among her duties, but her responsibilities also include record keeping on the use of pesticides, yields and costs.

The 6ha farm does not only comprise of chicken broilers, but also produces vegetables, including lettuce, carrots, cabbage and spinach.

It is in the broiler section that she shines — among her duties are weighing chickens, checking their medication and handling sales.

On a daily basis, Machika also ensures that the team she leads performs the required tasks.