• Back in the good old days, farming was easy. Throw some seeds in the ground, keep it watered, pray to your preferred deity to spare your crops from pestilence and wait for harvest season.

  • The sharp increase could also see a net gain in “new roles” for humans, who will have to revamp skills to keep pace with the “seismic shift” in how we work with machines and computer programmes, the forum estimated.

  • Globally, research in Precision Viticulture is moving fast (in scientific terms). Dr Carlos Poblete-Echeverria is building a team to focus on Precision Viticulture at the Department of Viticulture and Oenology (Stellenbosch University) and also he is part of the group that is developing the prototype vineyard robot “the Dassie”.

    Satellites have been used in Precision Viticulture for a while now, and many farmers make use of their ability to reflect soil issues, ripening patterns and canopy development.

  • How many jobs are vulnerable to automation? Plenty of people ask that question, and plenty of people try to give numerical answers. A recent study by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development said that about 46 percent of jobs have a better-than-even chance of being automated.