• John Deere has announced several updates to its 5R Series tractors from 90 to 125hp, designed to increase their versatility and suitability for small and medium sized livestock and arable farms.

  • The idea of utilizing all four wheels of a tractor to promote traction was not an entirely unknown concept when it popped into John Fitch’s brain as he plowed a field on his Mason County, Michigan, farm in 1910.

  • Remember the old TV commercials that featured a kid riding a bicycle, hands in the air? The kid would say, “Look, Mom — no hands!” If you happen to live near one of the dozen or so farmers trying out Smart Ag’s AutoCart software this fall, your son or daughter might be saying, “Look, Mom and Dad — no driver!”

  • The new Case IH Advanced Trailer Brake System represents a major advance in tractor safety and can now be specified as an option on Puma 185, 200, 220 and 240 CVX models.

  • The march of technology appears relentless in agriculture. But it’s also sometimes gradual, waiting for that trigger issue or event to drive new tools from research facility to farm. At the 2016 Farm Progress Show Case IH shared a vision for the autonomous tractor, turning the Magnum into a cab-free wonder that got a lot of attention.

  • After experiencing a double-digit decline in August 2018 due to delayed harvest, amongst other factors, South Africa tractor sales recovered by 11% y/y in September 2018, with 612 units sold .

  • Following a solid positive growth over the past five months, South African tractor sales fell by 18% y/y last month, with 487 units sold .