A first in the world: a legally binding employment contract that uses images with minimal text South African berry and citrus farms introduce comic contracts Creative Contracts is a Cape Town-based firm that serves the relationship between the employer and employee on a growing number of South African citrus, berry and vegetable farms, where the temporary labour force is often vulnerable and semi-literate.

Last week, two very important documents were gazetted for public comment, namely the revised National Greenhouse Gas Inventory and the biennial report to the United Nations on South Africa’s greenhouse gas emissions under the UNFCCC. Both documents are extremely important for agro-processing and other manufacturing industries as it contains an estimate as to amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere each year by the various industries in the South African economy. - Theo Boschoff, Agbiz head of Legal Intelligence

 All was quiet in the pasture until Chad Price and Brandon Weatherly started moving bee boxes. Then the persistent buzzzzz in the air was interrupted only by the whirrr of a passing spray plane or the snap of nearby power lines.
The bees haven't been producing much honey for about a month, Price said Sept. 10. But they'll stay out for another month or so on the pastures and prairie trails around Medina.