Fresh Produce Market Trends- June 2019

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Prices are expected to decline next week as it's the first week of the month and demand is generally lower. Compared to last week, supply increase for all vegetables.

As expected for month end there was an increase in the supply and price of cabbage this week. The cabbage price increased by 1.5% week-on-week while supply increased by 6.8%. The price next week is expected to drop to between R1.70/kg and R1.80/kg after month end demand.

The supply of carrots increased by 12% week-on-week, this increased supply has resulted in the 3.3% decline in carrot prices this week. Current prices are 26.1% lower than prices received a year ago. Carrot prices are expected to continue their decline in the next three months.

The supply of onions for the week ending 31 May 2019 is 18.5% higher than the previous week. Prices remained fairly stable this week with a marginal increase of 0.9%.The supply of onions is expected to increase from July and as such due to the higher supply levels, prices are expected to decline from July.

Increased demand for tomatoes at month end resulted in a 6.3% price increase week-on-week despite the 15.5% increase in supply. Prices are expected to drop slightly this week as the new month begins. Tomato volumes are expected to remain fairly stable for the next three months.