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Climate change is making it hard for livestock to get enough nutrients from natural grazing alone.

Research by Science Daily shows that 49% of the world’s grazing lands have been affected by climate change in the past century. The natural vegetation no longer has the abilities to provide animals with sufficient nutrients. Except from natural grazing, livestock farmers can ensure that their animals get sufficient nutrients through the addition of nutritional supplements in the feed. When added, these supplements increase the nutrients found in the feed. The nutritional enhancement of the feed through these supplements, also improves the health and production of animals. It is important for farmers to understand the nutritional requirements of their animals. For animals to perform at optimal levels, it is important that feed formulated for their specific production stage is fed.

"Good quality livestock feed is essential. It provides animals with all the necessary nutrients required for their growth and production. The addition of nutritional elements to livestock feed enhances the nutrients of the feed. The increase of nutrients ensures that the animal stays in good condition, produces at optimum levels and stays at a low risk for disease," says Elizna Erasmus, Biosecurity and Ruminants Specialist at Bupo Animal Health. There are multiple feed additives available for animals with most being available directly from feed manufacturers. Animal health research has proven that different feed additives improve the digestive systems of animals and increases the absorption of nutrients. "Feed additives can increase the digestive enzyme release in the gastro-intestinal tract of the animal. 

These enzymes are biological components that speeds up a chemical reaction that needs to occur within cells of a living organism. They improve the digestive process through the enhancement of nutrient absorption, mobilisation, and transportation," added Eramus. Apart from providing livestock with all the necessary nutrients, and enhancing digestive functions. Feed additives help improve the quality of meat or any other products that may be sourced from livestock for human consumption. Therefore, it is important for livestock farmers to always ensure they provide good quality feed for their animals.