Fearless young voice of South Africa's beleagured farming community

As a result of his activism, young farmer Willem Petzer has rocketed to fame, becoming one of the loudest voices representing his community with, for instance, over 100 000 people having viewed his YouTube video on farm arson posted four days ago.

He has more than 150 000 Facebook followers and around 50 000 subscribed to his YouTube channel. That’s a serious constituency. Petzer has also successfully enlisted support from some European governments. For his troubles, in SA’s mass media he has been branded a racist and right wing activist. Petzer says he entered the arena after an elderly family member was tortured and murdered on his farm. In a month where the plight of the SA’s farmers is finally getting heard, have a listen to one of their leaders – and decide for yourself whether the farm murder furore really is much ado about nothing. – Alec Hogg