Investment Opportunities in Agriculture,Media and Health in South Africa

South Africa Farming and Agriculture-  May 2021 

Its time to Invest in South Africa- Commercial farmers with years of experience- 


Despite the aftermath of the global recession still being felt in my countries across the globe, South Africa has seen considerable growth in its developing sectors. 

EXCLUSIVE for Serious investors. Foreign Investors welcome.

Maize Peanuts, Wheat and Soya Farms- Excellent farmers.

Macadamia Nuts- Fruit Farms, Milk and Diary ,Avocado-

 Farms available in Mpumalanga 

Investing in a group of companies- 

Investing in Tourism Farms and Game Farms.

Tourism investment for a certain part of society.

Please sent us your name and e mail and we will respond.

Agriculture technology is on the grow and need investment from Foreigners.  

We need a alternative Health care outside the medical "drug" system.  We do have a project plan for alternative healing in South Africa that need to be funded. We have great skills and people are moving away from Doctors who dose them with drugs. 

Farming and Agriculture is doing good, investing in existing farmers will be a  very profitable investment.

South Africa's farmers are excellent in what they do- They are very hard workers and professional in every part of farming and Agriculture.

Farmers in South Africa are battling to get finance from financial banks and other financial companies in South Africa. 

Farmers need to have excess to funds to invest in a new crop and in new machinery.

Most of the local banks in South Africa are under the laws of the South African credit control that makes it difficult to get finance.

Investment in a Farming and Agriculture Media in South Africa, Africa and the rest of the world. 

We already have a list of farmers with good farms as a running business and farming experience.

The South African Government does not have the skills to create prosperity and wealth- Agriculture is the heart of South Africa - South African Commercial farmers are excellent in their career- but the Government is only interesting in their Tax money. We need to get these farmers financially FREE from any banks or government in South Africa.  


We can assist you in certain areas of farming.

We have a group of 10 well established farmers with years of farming experience and with mega farming units.

If you interested you welcome to contact CRA Group Pretoria South Africa. 

No government involvement- or any outside  expensive Corporate involvement -you deal directly with the owner. 

Contact us directly- deal directly with us- Farming and Agriculture in South Africa , Botswana and Zambia. 

Contact us directly- 

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CRA GROUP trading 

South African Farmers need  -URGENT FUNDING

South African Farmers are rated some of the best in the world. If you have funds to donate to assist these farmers, their families and workers please be so kind to contact us. No government involved. We connected with organizations who have the infrastructure .

IF you need any information you welcome to contact us.

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