The Dangers of Not Sleeping-

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When we don't get enough good, deep sleep we dramatically increase the chances of getting a life threatening disease.

Not getting enough sleep puts you at high risk of getting Cancer, Heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes and High Blood pressure - just to name a few according to new long term studies on the impact of poor sleep.

If you think you’re fine with just 5 or 6 hours of sleep  – think again.

As we get older we go through more and more stress all that stress creates more anxiety and we worry more. At the end of the day we’re exhausted, tired – longing for sleep but when you hit the pillow your mind won't shut down and you can’t fall asleep.

Many nights you tossing and turning hoping to fall asleep while your mind went through all that happened during the day.

Stress and overthinking had something to do with  sleepless nights- but its all about you digestive system and your natural processing style

One way to get better sleep is to stop feeling stressed, worried or anxious. But with all that we have to do during the day - that's just not possible.

    The Importance of Good Sleep- Quanlim Life

Another option is to go on medication - but then you have to deal with all the side effects - 

When we don't get a good night's sleep we feel irritated, stressed, anxious and exhausted. We can't focus, we can't think clearly and we dramatically shorten our lifespan.

While we might think that our mind and body shuts down while we sleep, studies show that's hardly the case. Instead, our mind and body are busy rejuvenating and healing - a process which needs 7- 8 hours of sleep.

Those same studies show that when we don't get good, deep sleep for 7 to 8 hours we slowly destroy our mind and body and dramatically shorten our lifespan.

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So if you have any desire to live longer, be healthy and happy then you have to do everything you can to get a good night's sleep - you're life depends on it.

High Levels of Cortisol prevent us from getting a good night's sleep. Scientists have found that poor sleep leads to:
Weight Gain
Type 2 Diabetes
High Blood Pressure
Heart Disease
Chronic Fatigue

Low Sex drive

Loss of testosterone

The only solution is to find out why you not sleeping 8 hours-  take action now-  Forget about all these quick fixes- marketing and advertising crap you read on social media and all over the media spectrum including Television. 

Drinking all kinds of Tea or pills before you really know ,is not a good idea. We need to know who you are- how your brain work and what the real reason is for not sleeping- your health condition.

A medical doctor will give you a real "drug" to put you out but it will not cure the real reason behind your sleepless problem. You are unique - not all the general methods will let you sleep better- and over the long term you will become addicted to all these "drugs " that will surely give you side effects.  

Its time to visit a real Professional Health care practitioner with years of experience to scan you with high effective technology and classify your natural processing style to assist you and lead you to a better sleep.

MESSAGE -  You need to do something NOW about your sleeping Habits-