Porsche’s third-generation Cayenne arrives:

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Equipped with the optional Sport Chrono Package, the new Cayenne S accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in less than five seconds.

On-road capabilities have been improved thanks to active all-wheel drive as standard, Porsche 4D Chassis Control, three-chamber air-suspension and the Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control (PDCC) electronic roll stabilisation system. Despite its significantly extended range of equipment, the Cayenne S weighs 65kg less than its predecessor.

In terms of design, it has enlarged air intakes, new grille and headlights. The vehicle’s exterior length has increased by 63mm, without any change to the wheelbase (2.8m). Its height has been reduced by 9mm. The Cayenne measures 4.9m in length and 1.9m millimetres in width. Luggage volume has been increased by 100 litres and now offers 770 litres capacity. The wheels are 1” larger in diameter, with wider tyres on the rear axle for the first time.

Porsche is offering a new three-stage concept for the headlights. Every Cayenne is fitted with LED headlights, which can be combined with the Porsche Dynamic Light System (PDLS), offering a variety of light modes such as cornering light and motorway light. Alternatively, the new LED main headlights with matrix beam including PDLS Plus is the top system available. Variable light distribution and intensity are enabled by 84 individually activated light-emitting diodes. This results in the Cayenne offering new functions such as high beam that does not glare opposing traffic, as well as adaptive sign glare control. 

The new Cayenne offers even more potential when it comes to sporty performance with its redeveloped the Sport Chrono Package. As well as the Normal, Sport and Sport Plus driving modes, the driver can select an individually configurable mode. Selecting the Sport Response button in the centre activates the engine and transmission maps, which are calibrated for maximum performance. The Sport Chrono Package also includes a separate PSM Sport mode, in which the driver can utilise the new Cayenne’s full driving dynamics.

2018 Porsche Cayenne - Pricing and Specifications
Model Price Displacement Power Top speed 0 - 100km/h Fuel Consumption C02 emissions
Cayenne R1 142 000 2 995cc 250kW & 450Nm 245km/h 5.9 seconds 9.0l/100km 205g/km
Cayenne S R1 296 000 2 894cc 324kW & 550Nm 265km/h 4.9 seconds 9.2l/100km 209g/km
Cayenne E-Hybrid R1 690 000 2 995cc 340kW & 700Nm 253km/h 5.0 seconds 3.2l/100km 72g/km
Cayenne Turbo R2 158 000 3 996cc 404kW & 770Nm 286km/h 3.9 seconds 11.7l/100km 272g/km

Chart: Wheels24 Source: Porsche Get the data