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"The country's political and economic realities hold various serious threats and a very uncertain outlook for 2019 as far as the ANC government's political and economic policy is concerned.

The Ramaphoria, that has taken root in the country after the election a year ago, will finally collapse very soon in the new year because president, Cyril Ramaphosa, is trying to rescue the poor economy with the ANC's destructive political and economic ideology," says Fanie Brink, independent agricultural economist.

Brink says there is no possibility that this policy will be successful and the country's economic growth rate will decline further in 2019, the exchange rate will weaken further, the state's bankruptcy will take on much larger proportions, while it will remain highly acceptable that corruption will be the best shortcut to self-enrichment.

"One thing can now be accepted which is the fact that 2018 will be a much better year than 2019 for the country!"

The irreversible deterioration of the economy will not subside and the ANC will by no means succeed in achieving its political goals of greater equality, lower poverty and unemployment without much stronger economic growth as a prerequisite. Even though the ANC government is trying to enforce its ideology through greater regulation of the country's economy and continues to pursue the redistribution of its assets, potential economic growth and progress.

Land expropriation will finally drive the economy and the country over the cliff and further falls into an underdeveloped country where at least 85% of the population will eventually become totally dependent on agriculture, as it happened in all the other African countries, with much greater poverty and unprecedented famine.

“The ANC government only needs another 5 years to totally destroy the economy and country!”

The possibility that the democracy will fall in the country afterward and the country be ruled by a dictator because of the government's corrupt and uncontrollable fiscal policy and discipline cannot be totally disregarded.

The only solution for the economy and the country is a total rejection of the ANC's socialist and communist political and economic policies and a total return to a capitalist economic system, which drives and creates economic growth through the profit motive all over the world today. This means that it is the responsibility of the government to create a political and economic environment that will be conducive to the improvement of the profitability and sustainability of each business enterprise in the various industries in the economy, in order to make a greater contribution to economic growth.

The most famous and probably the most intelligent man of the last century, Albert Einstein, said the following: "We will never be able to solve problems on the same level of thinking as when we created them!" This is the ANC government's single biggest challenge!

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