Agrodanieli launches first Omega-3 chicken in Brazil

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To produce the Omega-3-enriched meat, the birds receive a special feed supplemented with Omega-3, developed by the company itself. The nutrition programme is currently used in 60 automated poultry houses with modern facilities. 

Omega-3 is a polyunsaturated fatty acid with several health benefits for humans, including cardio protection, improved immune function, and better protection against inflammatory diseases.

The human body itself, however, is not capable of synthesising Omega-3. Therefore, it must be ingested through food if one wants to receive these health benefits. There are many different Omega-3 products on the market, including capsules and several kinds of food, but Agrodanieli is the first to bring Omega-3-enriched poultry to the market.

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The company, which employs 2,400 employees in Tapejara in the Rio Grande do Sul state, oversees the entire production process, from feed production to the aviaries, slaughterhouses, and processing plants, to the final products.

All the Omega-3-enriched chicken, called ProVitta, will be sold on the Brazilian market or exported to South America, the Middle East, and Asia. 

The Omega-3-enriched chicken, like other Agrodanieli products, is packaged in an innovative way to increase the level of food safety. The new horizontal packing machine boasts a stretch-retractable film system that uses liquid leak-proof wrapping material, leading to a longer shelf life for products.

The packaging also includes a QR code to provide consumers with information about the product’s traceability. This includes data about the chickens, the producer, the location of the aviary, the slaughter date, and complementary information about Omega-3 and feeds.